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If you are a Canadian citizen or resident, please consider signing this petition by Canadians for Peace in Cameroon:

When decision-makers receive just fifty emails on a subject, they take notice because they assume this represents a tidal wave of opinion. We urge you to please send the emails below to the president of Cameroon, Paul Biya, and to your elected representative.

Below is a sample email to send to President Paul Biya of Cameroon. It will be more effective if you send the French version. We provide the English version below so you know what you are sending, if you do not speak French. President Biya’s email is We suggest you copy the email to the Cameroon government’s public relations agency:

Please forward any response to us at  Thank you very much for your help.



His Excellency Paul Biya
President of the Republic of Cameroon
Unity Palace, Etoudi 
P.O. Box 100
Republic of Cameroon

Dear President Biya,

I write to respectfully urge your government to participate in proposed Swiss-led peace talks aimed at ending the violence in Cameroon’s North West and South West regions.

I equally implore you to declare an immediate ceasefire, as requested by the United Nations.

I am motivated by concern about the suffering of unarmed civilians, and the stability and prosperity of Cameroon. Atrocities on all sides have resulted in mass devastation.

Instead of a military victory, a lasting solution to Cameroon’s problems must come from a mediated process that includes Anglophone armed separatist groups and non-violent civil society leaders.

The success of these Swiss talks will be critical in Cameroon’s journey towards ensuring peace and your legacy in a troubled region. I hope that all interested stakeholders will join the talks and show a spirit of cooperation, pragmatism, and realism to ensure these negotiations succeed. 

For the sake of your Anglophone and Francophone sons and daughters, please take steps for peace and show good faith during this pandemic.




Son Excellence Paul Biya
Le Président de la République du Cameroun
Palais de l’Unité, Etoudi 
P.O. Box 100
La République du Cameroun

Cher Président Biya,

J’écris pour exhorter respectueusement votre gouvernement à participer aux pourparlers de paix proposés par la Suisse visant à mettre fin à la violence dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et Sud-Ouest du Cameroun.

Je vous implore également de déclarer un cessez-le-feu immédiat, comme demandé par les Nations Unies.

Je suis motivé par mon inquiétude face aux souffrances des civils non armés et à la stabilité et la prospérité du Cameroun. Les atrocités de toutes parties ont provoqué de la destruction massive.

Au lieu d’une victoire militaire, une solution durable aux problèmes au Cameroun doit provenir d’un processus de médiation comprenant des groupes séparatistes armés et des dirigeants de la société civile non violents. 

Le succès de ces pourparlers suisses sera primordial dans le cheminement du Cameroun vers la garantie de paix et de votre héritage dans une région en difficulté. J’espère que toutes les parties intéressées se joindront aux pourparlers et feront preuve d’un esprit de coopération, de pragmatisme et de réalisme pour assurer le succès de ces négociations. 

Pour le bien de vos fils et filles anglophones et francophones, veuillez prendre des mesures pour la paix et faire preuve de bonne foi lors de cette pandémie. 




 Below is a sample letter to send to your elected representative. We urge you to please copy the letter to the Cameroon government’s public relations agency at Please forward any response to us at Thank you very much for your help

Dear {name of elected representative}


I write as one of your constituents. I am concerned about the escalating conflict in Cameroon.

Impartial human rights groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have catalogued the systematic persecution of people living in the Anglophone Cameroon regions. More than 650,000 have fled their homes to escape attack by government forces; more than 60,000 have sought refuge in Nigeria; 3,000 have been killed, 300 villages have been burnt and 800,000 children have been unable to attend school for the fourth year in a row. Unarmed civilians are also being mercilessly targeted by extremist secessionist militia, at terrible cost to their daily lives.

The government of President Paul Biya has failed to adhere to its commitments as a member of the Commonwealth, the African Union and the UN, and as signatory to sundry international human rights laws and conventions. Its actions meet the international legal standard of war crimes, crimes against humanity and potentially genocide.

Under the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine of 2005, countries have a duty to act to prevent further atrocities, to press for impartial investigations into war crimes, to allow unfettered access to international humanitarian organisations, and to hold to account all actors.

Events in Cameroon require more than words of condemnation from our diplomats. Our government must apply sustained diplomatic pressure on the government of President Biya, urging him to participate in inclusive talks, aimed at finding a peaceful settlement. The Swiss NGO, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, has proposed such talks, but the Cameroon regime has refused to participate. Its own dialogue initiative, in October 2019, was wholly inadequate, and the violence continues.

Please raise this issue on my behalf with our government. Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

Your name/and or designation

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